Readme Guide:Readme’s Vision
Readme is a newsletter whose goal is to entertain and promote events. It consists primarily of 2 parts: writings, especially satire, and publication of events of interest to CMU students.

Events may be album reviews, AB events, upcoming shows, etc.

Ways to make readme stand out are particularly when it comments on campus-relevant invents. Though this may sound obvious, articles specific to CMU’s campus is a niche that other satire newspapers do not have.

General Structure of Readme

1.     Distribution
a.     Print copies of readme are distributed around campus. In general, anywhere the Tartan is distributed, (AROUND, not ON the Tartan) or anywhere that people will be standing in lines or congregating is a good idea.
i. Underground (main site)
ii. Skibo (main site)
iii. Doherty (worse site, because the issues are placed too low down)
iv. Resnik hallway
v. Westwing Hallway
vi. Baker benches at top
vii. UC basement by the Television
viii.     UC first floor, by the Tartans
ix. Near dorms, especially Freshmen dorms (Donner, Mudge; The Hill – must be done by someone living there)
b.     Outside of Doherty between classes is a major site; Having someone here shouting, joking, and distributing readme has been an excellent way to get visibility
c.      Upload a jpeg version to readme’s website,
d.     Established distribution routes is a good idea
e.     Generally readmes are distributed after the Wednesday meetings
2.     Web Presence
a. is a website for readme to post its issues and use as it will. Currently it includes:
i. an Archive
ii. list contact info of current officers
iii. “Items of Interest” section for publishing links to interesting articles, etc.
iv. “Satire Forum” where members and non-members can publish any bits of writing they’d like to share
b.     Facebook: Readme has a Facebook group page and a Facebook Non-Profit Organization Page
i. The group page is useful for posting to get article ideas and to group chat, especially while compiling the readmes

3.      Recruit
Some suggestions for recruitment
1.     Having someone loudly distribute readme’s has worked in the past to get attention
2.     Announcing about readme in an English class
3.     Posters about readme
4.     Facebook posts
5.     Distribute an Orientation readme issue
6.     Activities Fair
7.     Readme promoted social events

4.     Publish readme in print
a.     One every week or every other week, depending on budget
b.     Generally consisting of satire and upcoming events
c.      The process for printing readme is :
i. Save Indesign file as PDF
ii. E-mail
iii. gets delivered to Info Desk at UC

5.     Run meetings
a.     Once a week (every Wednesday) is a general body meeting, with pizza
b.     Sundays 9-midnight and Monday 9pm until its done members meet in the AB offices to compile the readme into the template and create photoshop images

6.     Budget
a.     Keep track of budget with Excel
b.     Oracle account (CMU-centered bank account) and Gift account (this is for alumni donated money)
c.      Itemized receipts will be refunded by AB
d.     A new budget is proposed every semester

Suggestions for getting article ideas and getting articles written
1.     Make a themed issue
2.     Hold pitch meetings: brainstorm as a group, bounce ideas off each other, discuss ways to take them
3.     Find something that annoys you: write about that; if the issue is a miniscule one, write an article that makes fun of the fact that the issue annoys you
4.     Mock something that annoys you by comparing it to something else (ex. abstinence-only sex education would be like driver’s ed that teaches you to just avoid driving)
5.     Write a weekly column
6.     Writing from the point of view of a persona lets you satirize the narrator
7.     Punchline/jokes/slogans about movies or events out that week
8.     Lists (Facebook works well to generate these ideas); Either include the best of the list or flesh out items on the list into full articles
9.     Photoshop pictures and Ads are funny and help take up room if you don’t have enough material

How to make Photoshop Ads
The general theory behind mock ads is to mock a pre-existing ad by changing the name to be something similar. For instance, in the past readme has made a mock “Kinkos” ad, suggesting that the company was communistic and changing the brand name to Pinko’s”

A good way to get ideas is look at brands when you’re grocery shopping

1.     Re-using font method
a. copy (magic wand) the brand logo you want to mimic (along with the  shadow behind the font) onto new layer
b. Erase original logo: clone stamp (select with option click area to copy past; keep an eye on target, it will move with you) -> erase original text and logo
c. Find letters in the original logo’s letters, connect pieces/erase
put on different layers to rearrange, make new logo
d. Note that with adding shadow, etc. it doesn’t have to be exact because image will be small in the printed newspaper

2. Finding a font way
b. Erase original font
c. Find a similar enough font in the Photoshop options (won’t be as similar to brand’s font, but is a method)

1. Offices: readme has 1-3 editors at any one time.
2. Election process: Majority vote in secret.



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